Bad Phil – Three Barrel Brewing Company

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Bad Phil Label

Who the hell is Bad Phil? Not sure, I never tasted the beer and I never heard of the brewery, but the rooster looks like he means business. England is kind of known for naming there pubs after animals, particularly roosters. “The Cock and Bull” and “The Cock and Bottle” and “The Golden Cock” are just a couple examples. (Side note: check out this cool pub name generator.) Anyways, even though this is a brewery in Colorado I like how they pay tribute to England with the rooster. Bad Phil is portrayed nicely with a simple watercolor image, or maybe drawn with markers. I don’t see the alcohol listed on the label but it’s implied that this beer might have a bit of a kick to it. The shape of the label is really interesting as well, the die-cut and ribbons give the label a classic feel. Cool label, if I make it out to Colorado some day I will try to make it out to Three Barrel Brewing to grab some samples. Their website says they’re along headwaters of the Rio Grande so I’m sure there’s some spectacular fishing around there, ah Colorado.

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