Is there a time of day when it is NOT appropriate to have beer?

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Ok, so you’ve come up with at least a few, like while operating a vehicle or piece of machinery (riding lawn mowers-the exception? Lets tackle that in a later post), in the midst of skydiving, or while nursing your child. All extremely valid REASONS not to, but I’m talking about TIME of day, not circumstances that could rapidly pile up into an endlessly crazy list that leaves you exhausted with life in general. Next thing you know you’ve quit your job, sold your car for a boat and hired a private captain to sail you to remote places where the creditors can’t find you, all the while enjoying frosty pints and cool breezes. Ahhhhhh…come back to me now folks. We’re talking about actual, physical, hands-on-the-clock time of day here.

Subjectivity reigns supreme with “appropriate”, defined by as “suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.” If the mood strikes I find it suitable to enjoy A (singular) refreshing summer ale with my steak and eggs in the morning, but I bet my grandmother wouldn’t. A groomsmen for an afternoon Irish wedding would say it’s fitting to have a pint, or two, three, four before the nuptials commence, while down the road a noontime Mormon bride would be otherwise beside herself. Same time of day, yet what we deem appropriate is driven by our personal beliefs and particular lifestyle. Not totally on board? How about this: Ever go out for drinks after work? A third shift foreman’s “happy hour” begins at 8am. It’s always noon somewhere, as the saying goes. The defense rests, your Honor.

I’ll drink to that.

– Jill Quinn

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