Pull Up A Stool For Man’s Best Friend

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Photo from Bowserbeer.com

After a long day of scratching, lying on the couch and barking at the mailman you know the best way to take a load off is to crack open a nice frosty brew and relax- and now Fido can join your repertoire with a Bowser Beer. Yessir, that’s right- beer for dogs! The good folks over at 3 Busy Dogs came up with this libation sensation after an extensive pooch panel research team picked the paws-down winning recipe of all natural, non-alcoholic thirst-quenching ingredients. Being that The Studio Pub is a dog-loving bunch I just thought this idea was something to howl about! I also love that they make custom labels to go with their canine brew in the same way we do for your creations-and that’s nothing to sniff at folks. Check us out and fetch some of your own at www.thestudiopub.com and www.bowserbeer.com.Post by: Jill


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